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tom judge Tom Judge, a founding member of ACCT and its Immediate Past Chair, was presented with the 2012 Award of Excellence at the Pinnacle Conference in Colorado Springs on July 16th, in recognition of his lifetime of leadership on behalf of patients, critical care transport and the broader EMS community.

About ACCT

The Association of Critical Care Transport (ACCT) is a non-profit grassroots patient advocacy organization committed to ensuring that critically ill and injured patients have access to the safest and highest quality critical care transport system possible. ACCT is comprised of air and ground critical care transport providers, business organizations, associations, and individuals all striving to provide our communities, hospitals and EMS partners in care, regulators, and policy makers with a path toward a safer and more trustworthy critical care transport system for patients.

ACCT Vision Statement:
A reliable and accountable critical care transport system driven by quality, safety and value for patients and fully integrated within the broader EMS and health care system.

ACCT Mission Statement:
To transform existing critical care transport operations into an integrated, accountable, patient centered and continually improving system for both ground and air critical care transport characterized by quality, safety, and value that is worthy of the public trust.

ACCT Values:

  • Accountability. Assure accountability on behalf of the patient in the critical care medical transport system such that it is fully integrated within the pre-and hospital emergency care system and is worthy of the public trust, including by achieving clarification of and improving federal and state oversight.

  • Quality. Achieve and sustain a patient focused critical care medical transport system directed by appropriate quality indicators that incorporate ongoing improvement in concert with professional medical organizations.

  • Safety. Establish and continually achieve the highest applicable patient and transport vehicle and operations safety standards in concert with other stakeholder associations, researchers, and state and federal regulators.

  • Value. Accomplish the realignment of incentives in reimbursement for critical care medical transport toward quality, safety and value for patient care in concert with payors and policy makers.

  • Integration. Achieve seamless integration of critical care transport services within the broader EMS and health care system driven by solely by patient care needs rather than transport mode in order to serve the best interest of patients.

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